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Please login to Binance Jersey’s official website After login, please click [Funds], [Deposits], and your desired fiat currency. (In this case, GBP). Then please specify a deposit amount and click [Submit]. The information required for the deposit will be displayed as below.
Deposit Fees. Free. There are no fees for deposits. Trading Fees. If you are not using BNB (Binance Coin) to pay your trading fees, each trade will carry a standard fee of 0.1%.
Binance Jersey only supports you if you are from the list of accepted countries. How to make a fiat currency (GBP/EUR) deposit to your account. Note: Before you can deposit or withdraw money inside your Binance account, you need to pass your account verification via the KYC process first.

How to BUY, SELL, DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW using Binance in Hindi

Binance Jersey only supports you if you are from the list of accepted countries. How to make a fiat currency (GBP/EUR) deposit to your account. Note: Before you can deposit or withdraw money inside your Binance account, you need to pass your account verification via the KYC process first.
Deposit Fees. Free. There are no fees for deposits. Trading Fees. If you are not using BNB (Binance Coin) to pay your trading fees, each trade will carry a standard fee of 0.1%.
How to Deposit Uganda Shillings in your Binance Uganda Account Note: Before proceeding with this, you need to bind your Binance Uganda’s account with your Mobile Money account. Also, please make sure that you have stored enough money in your Mobile Money account. Please login to Binance Uganda’s official website:
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How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency From The Binance Exchange - Blockchain DK Deposit and withdrawal binance


Binance has no deposit fees. However, the withdrawal fee varies depending on the cryptocurrency and network conditions. Here is a list that contains the minimum withdrawal and withdrawal fee for each coin listed by Binance. Binance Customer Support
After that, the deposit address will be displayed; you can either copy the address or scan the deposit QR code. When you transfer a cryptocurrency from your other wallet, please use the deposit address on your Binance Jersey account as the target address. To check the status of your deposit, please go back to Binance Jersey’s official website.
binance How to use Binance Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw on binance etherdelta binance exchange bnb binance tutorial binance guide Sell on binance deposit on binance withdraw on binance buy on.

starburst-pokieBinance withdrawl/deposits suspended? : binance Deposit and withdrawal binance

How To Deposit & Withdraw Money (GBP/EUR) on Binance? - CoinZodiaC Deposit and withdrawal binance

Deposit and withdrawal fees Deposit fees. Binance does not charge any deposit fees. You’ll still need to pay the small network fees involved with moving your cryptocurrency onto the exchange though. Withdrawal fees. Withdrawal fees are dynamically adjusted based on the current state of the relevant blockchain network.
We use cookies and similar technology on this website, which helps us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website. This improves your browsing experience and enables us to customise content, analyse traffic and personalise advertising.
Binance withdrawl/deposits suspended?. my deposit/withdrawal pane is now working - no more "suspend" showing.. The difference with Binance is that they're.

Deposit and withdrawal binancecasinobonus

deposit and withdrawal binance Do not send anything other than the token specified for an address when withdrawing to another exchange.
Example: Only send ETH to the Coinbase or GDAX ETH wallet, do not send any other tokens.
Even though it is an Ethereum wallet they do not support anything else being in this wallet!
This will result in a loss of your funds.
If you have your own personal Ethereum wallet, then you can send other tokens to the same ETH address.
Please read to understand wallets and their compatibility.
IMPORTANT: Converting Crypto to Cash Binance does not currently allow you to sell your crypto for a fiat currency.
This means you will want to withdraw your crypto to an exchange like Coinbase, GDAX, BitStamp, etc.
If you are planning to use Coinbase, check out on how to avoid their fees.
For an overview click at this page the flow of crypto to fiat currency, check out.
Binance Exchange While Binance is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, some might prefer to keep their tokens in their own personal wallet.
This is considered safer because an exchange could potentially shut down at any time.
Check out the of this guide too!
Please note the following example goes through withdrawing an Ethereum based token, but the process is the same for other tokens.
You just need to make sure the token you are sending is compatible with the wallet that will be receiving it!
If you do not have an account with Binance, please consider using my!
And if you need your own personal wallet, check out this guide for an and this guide for a.
Steps to withdraw from Binance 1.
Go to the Binance and login 2.
Find the token you want to withdraw by using the drop down list and searching for it.
In this example I am using the NEO token, so I clicked on NEO when it popped up.
There are 2 ways you can do this part.
NEO Note: NEO must be sent in a whole number, you cannot send fractions.
Also notice there is no transaction fee for withdrawing NEO.
This could change in the future, but right now that is money saved!
The only thing left to do is complete any security measures that pop-up.
They will also send an E-mail to confirm the transaction, so be sure to check for that.
Summary Binance is a great exchange with a good reputation and a lot of liquidity.
They also take security very seriously, so you can click safe leaving funds on here.
Read more about them in my post, or check out the for another great up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchange.
They will need their own wallet.
This should be a list of Stellar wallets: This is a list of Verge wallets: I do not have personal experience with those wallets though, so definitely check around to make sure they are legitimate before using!
I will be covering a lot of what gets discussed in these comments.
Any research I do the most current article is a month old, and I can still not find any exchanges that sells it except individuals selling it on yobit.
And some people say that it cannot be stored in meta-mask or my ether wallet, do you know if it can be safely stored there?
It would be much appreciated.
The majority are just cash grabs.
Spending a few seconds on their website does not inspire any confidence either.
When you have projects like NEO, ETH, ICON, EOS, and plenty of other reputable ones to choose from, I would be extremely cautious with something like this.
Look at the transparency of the top projects and the people leading them and it becomes very easy to spot what is and is not legitimate.
This is just my opinion, but personally I would not bother with it.
I like to think of it in terms of a physical wallet that I store multiple gift cards in.
Each gift card pertains to a certain store, but I can keep them all in the same wallet.
If I remember correctly I read that Kin would be moving away from the Ethereum blockchain.
Just something to keep in mind.
I invested in some coins ADA, XRP, XVG, IOT, TRX, POWR, XLM, ETH, FUN, SNT, TNB in Binance.
But now I want to withdraw them for BTC or USD.
What is the procedure to do?
Is this account any way useful to withdraw the coins from Binance?
Please more slots for enchanting skyrim your suggestion.
Check this article out on using GDAX to avoid the Coinbase fees: The only exception to the above would be ETH.
However, the more withdraws you do, the more fees you end up paying.
Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions!
There were times where an ETH transfer took a few minutes from Binance, and other times the same type of transfer took over 1 hour.
Also double check the right address was used when the withdraw was entered just in case.
I log in with Google 2FA go thru all the steps as instructed but when the 2FA comes up after clicking on submit at the end and I put in code is says invalid tag every time without fail.
Been trying for the last couple hours and does same thing everytime.
In case it helps: Most other people I have seen with issues said it started working again after a few hours.
So my question is can I make a paper wallet for any crypto currency?
Here is a wiki on paper wallets that goes into detail:.
Even though they are talking about Bitcoin, it should be similar, if not the same, for the other cryptos.
If see more had NEO, but wanted TRX, you would need to sell the NEO for BTC and then buy TRX.
Note that you could replace BTC with anything else that TRX trades against.
I have not personally used the Toast wallet, but it seems like a lot recommend it for XRP.
Verge has some wallet options on their homepage that are probably really good: Hope that helps!
Is that normal fee or i missing something?
By the way i am new to this.
Hopefully Binance re-adjusts some of their withdrawal fees though!
Cryptocurrencies are specific to a blockchain, similar to how applications are specific to an operating system.
If you wanted to move ETH and XRP off of an exchange, you would need 2 different wallets because ETH and XRP operate on different blockchains.
If you wanted to move TRX and ETH off an exchange, you could use the same wallet because they both operate on the Ethereum blockchain.
Just be careful when using a wallet on an exchange because they use separate wallets for each cryptocurrency, even if they are on the same blockchain.
Hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S are the safest and support multiple cryptocurrencies, so they tend to be the best route.
Hope that helps and feel free to let me know which cryptocurrencies you want to store and I can probably recommend a specific wallet!
Is there one wallet whether online or off that would hold them all plus other various ones?
A lot of projects are working on blockchain interoperability, which could allow for that in the future.
The Ledger Nano S has support for Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum.
Since Tron and Kin operate on Ethereum, the Ledger Nano S is ok for them.
The only one that would not be compatible is PAC.
I am not familiar with PAC, but this is their homepage based on the link on Coin Market Cap:.
They have a wallet section, so you could try that.
You will be able to send your Tron and Kin to it.
Not familiar with the Dogecoin wallets, but found this on Reddit:.
As mentioned above, you can try the PAC coin website for their wallet.
I had TRX on binance.
Finally decided to count my losses and withdraw.
Though I understand the process of not being able to send TRX to coinbase, I did it anyways without thinking, well I actually assumed if I was doing something wrong it would not allow me to send.
So I sold 100% of my TRX, went to withdraw, and I sent it to my Coinbase ETH wallet address.
It is no longer on binance, and my ETH wallet on coinbase is empty.
I do not really understand how this would even be allowed to happen if my money is legitimately no longer attainable.
I am able to click and view links on binance that take me to etherscan, which is pretty much just showing me the transaction….
If my money is really not going to show up in my Coinbase ETH wallet, is there a way I can get it back into binance to withdraw correctly…If I even did anything wrong….
Sorry I know I said I would keep it short….
This is where it can get confusing.
An Ethereum wallet can hold any token created on the Ethereum blockchain.
The ETH wallets on Binance, Coinbase, etc.
However, they have to integrate individual coins into their platforms, which is why you see varying coins listed on different exchanges.
The ETH wallets on Coinbase and Binance are the exact same, but they choose which coins they will integrate into their platform.
Since Ethereum wallets are not actually registered to an individual, there is no real way to tell if a transaction is going to an exchange wallet, personal wallet, deposit and withdrawal binance />If you were to create an Ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet, you could send any Ethereum based coin to it and be fine.
Exchanges do not give you the private key to the wallet, which is why you can only deposit what they specify.
For more insight into wallet differences I would recommend this article:.
Unfortunately you are at the mercy of the exchange at this point.
You could also sell for ETH, BCH Bitcoin Cashor LTC since Coinbase offers wallets for each of those.
Exchanges are more explicit in what can go to their wallets, so never send something that does not match the wallet name.
I bought some car vertical coins in an exchange.
If I decide to withdraw all my coins from the exchange, can I send the coins to the Ethereum wallet and put them together with the tokens?
This is driving me crazy!
If you have other tokens on the exchange, you just want to make sure they are Ethereum based.
Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
They are just named differently for the ICOs and the trading platforms.
So when I withdraw the car vertical coins and send them to my ethereum wallet, they will join the 1000 tokens already in my ethereum wallet?
Correct, it just adds to your balance of that coin.
Similar to making multiple deposits into a bank account or buying stock multiple times in a brokerage account.
I brought some altcoins on Binance and trying to understand the values in the deposit and withdrawals tab.
Is the BTC value column how much I purchase the coins for?
Thank you for your time.
In your example it matches the available balance because none of the coins are currently in a transaction.
BTC Value — Amount of BTC you could receive if you sold all of your coins at the current market price of that coin.
If you have 10 coins worth 0.
Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
To know exactly how much a coin is worth in USD, do I plug into the bitcoin calculator the BTC Value or total and available balance amt?
The BTC value is the amount of BTC you would receive.
Then you would need to sell the BTC for USD to be able to withdraw it to your bank account.
Note that Binance does not offer fiat currency options, so you would need to convert to BTC, and then send to an exchange like Coinbase to sell the BTC to USD.
To see the value, you would plug in the BTC Value amount into a bitcoin calculator.
My personal recommendation is to use a portfolio tracker like CoinTracking.
It will show you the USD value of all of your holdings.
Its telling me to please enter an integer.
Bittrex is different because they would take a fee out, so you would need to enter something like 1.
Let me know if that worked!
I am trying to move my XLM from the Binance account to the wallet.
I followed the steps such as going to the withdraw section, put the wallet address, enter the 2FA key from google authenticator.
Can you please help me with that?
I also read a couple of other threads where they tried again a little later and it worked, so I would give it a try again today and see if it resolved itself.
In my history of transacted funds it shows I have LTC.
However, when I go to purchase XRP in Basic Exchange it says BTC balance of 0.
How can I buy XRP with the LTC in my Binance account or buy BTC with my LTC to buy XRP?
Does any of that make sense?
Exchanging is really just selling 1 coin for another.
In this case you will be selling your LTC for BTC.
This will credit your account with BTC and then you can buy XRP.
Check out this guide for selling: Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
And once I sell it, is the BTC just credited to my transactions?
Your timeliness and willingness is amazing!!
Anything I can do to return the favor, review, referral?
Haha, appreciate the kind words.
All I ask is pass the site on to anyone that has questions about the crypto space :.
Have a great weekend!
Is that where a wallet comes into play?
Withdrawing is similar to pulling cash out of your bank account.
The value would leave your bank account balance goes down and then your wallet would have cash in it.
If you deposited the cash back to the bank, your bank account would then go up in value balance goes up.
A wallet really only protects you from an exchange being shut down or hacked.
Let me know if that helped or if you have any other questions.
I have a question to ask.
How do I change any altcoin in Binance to BTC or any other coin that Coinbase supports to exchange the coins to real money?
You will need to sell the altcoins for BTC or one that Coinbase supports.
Check out deposit and withdrawal binance guide for selling on Binance: Once you have converted them you can send to Coinbase or GDAX to sell for cash.
Check out this article to avoid the high fees of Coinbase: Hope those help and let me know if you have any questions!
I have a coin that is tied to BTC, and when i try to trade 100% of it to BTC it says the value is too low.
The Coinbase BTC wallet will only accept BTC.
Binance sets minimum amounts for trading, so you would need to buy some more of that alt coin before being able to sell it.
They are working on fixing this, but not sure when it will be fixed.
Binance also has a minimum amount for withdrawals as well, so watch out for that.
I know a couple weeks ago they only allowed 0.
Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions!
I went to GDAX, having heard about their lower fees.
Can I recover it?
I did find a place on GDAX showing I sold it, but not where!
The pairing that the order is under is what you would have received in exchange for your LTC.
In this case, switch to one of the BTC products on GDAX and you should see a balance of BTC.
Selling means you are exchanging for something else on that exchange.
In the example above, you would be selling your LTC for BTC.
Withdrawing means you are pulling something off of the exchange, similar to withdrawing cash from a bank account.
Check out this guide for withdrawing from GDAX: Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!
I withdrew this to my Coinbase address using the Binance app from my phone.
What I did was, I copied my Coinbase deposit address and confirmed the transaction on the email link.
Where is my coin?
The value in the transaction information also says zero.
Coinbase only supports ETH, BTC, BCH, and LTC.
Sending anything other than that normally results in a loss of funds.
Even though the Coinbase ETH wallet is an Deposit and withdrawal binance wallet, their front end is not built to support other Ethereum tokens.
They could technically send them since they have the private keys to the wallet address, but that falls on their policies and stuff.
I bought some XML and Verge BTC last night on Binance.
I bought too much and I want to distribute some back to BTC so I can get other coins I want on Cryptopia.
Im trying to send it back to my coinbase BTC wallet and withdraw from Binance and everytime I do the withdraw process from Binance it tells me its a withdraw address error afterI do the 2FA code.
I am doing exactly as video describes.
Do you know what my issue could be?
I am still fairly new and still learning.
But am stumped on my issue.
Or are you trying to send XML and XVG back to Coinbase?
Luckily it gave an address warning otherwise your coins might have been lost forever.
XML and XVG need to be converted to one of the coins that Coinbase supports before sending back to them.
Got to love being a newbie.
Haha, we have all been there!
Say I wanted to buy more once certain currencies hit a particular target price, how easy would it be to transfer the coins back into Binance?
Appreciate you taking the time to reply.
I think keeping to just the wallets you need is easier for tracking and maintaining.
Based on what you recently bought, you would need 3 wallets.
Those 3 would cover a lot of additional coins though, especially since the bulk of alt coins are on the Ethereum blockchain.
NEO is having a lot of ICOs this year, so I believe we start to see a lot more NEO alt coins as well.
After you have those 3 wallets, just add wallets as needed.
As an example, if you decided to buy ARK, you would open a 4th wallet since it would not be compatible with an XRP, ETH, or NEO wallet.
Correct, withdrawing is really just transferring to another account.
NEO for example can only be transferred in whole numbers, it is not divisible.
ETH can be transferred in fractions though.
To get an idea of the process for sending back to Binance, I would check out the this guide on depositing into Binance: Then this guide shows how to send ETH from an Ethereum wallet: Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!
Would I need to sell it or withdraw it?
If I withdraw, can I withdraw to my ETH wallet on Binance, or do I have to withdraw to Coinbase, using my Coinbase ETH wallet address?
If you sell it back to ETH, you can withdraw to Coinbase using your Coinbase ETH wallet address.
This guide covers making a deposit on Coinbase: If you do decide to keep it, you can withdraw it.
However, the ETH wallets on Coinbase and Binance only allow you to send ETH to them.
They do not support additional tokens sent to those addresses and you are likely to lose the funds.
Let me know what crypto you are wanting to withdraw and I can provide some better guidance because the withdraw steps change based on what crypto it is.
Given the congestion on the Ethereum blockchain, why not opt for an LTC conversion for transfers?
That is an option, just depends on the situation.
If someone wants to hold ETH, going to LTC on one exchange, sending it to another, and going back to ETH creates 2 extra taxable events for US residents.
If done quick enough, there might not be any gains, but it is something to be aware of.
You would also end up paying trading fees a couple of extra times compared to leaving as ETH and transferring.
If you simply wanted to cash out quickly to USD, then converting to LTC, sending to Coinbase, and selling for USD would be fine.
The Ethereum network has been running smoothly recently though and is a great site to check current transaction times and costs.
Are you saying that we need different wallets for different coins?
I thought we only needed one for any.
Then I need ten different wallets?
Second, is BNB on Binance believed to be a worthy investment in and of itself or just good for the fee discount?
Many thanks in advance.
Glad this has been helpful!
The short answer though is that it depends on what coins.
If you wanted to send GNT, ETH, and ZRX to a wallet you could just use 1 Ethereum wallet since they are all Ethereum based tokens.
If you wanted to send NEO and ETH to a wallet you would need a separate wallet for each since NEO is not an Ethereum based coin, it is specific to the NEO blockchain.
My understanding is the big benefit of BNB is the fee discount.
However, if you think Binance will stay the top exchange, I could see more people buying and holding it which could drive the price up.
Yeah, it comes down to what you are comfortable with.
I have had a personal wallet get compromised, so I would have been better off to have kept stuff on an exchange.
However, some people have lost funds on an exchange, so risk both ways.
I personally think Coinbase offers the best peace of mind because they have insurance on their digital assets.
They will not cover a loss if someone gains access to your account and takes stuff, but they will cover for a lot of other losses.
The next best security is with hardware wallet reviews on those coming soon.
It does get a lot more complicated because if you have BTC, ETH, and NEO, you will need 3 different wallets.
Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!
Question on wallets — You refer a lot to ETH wallets.
I thought a wallet accepts any coin.
Do I have to buy different wallets for different currencies?
As an example, an Ethereum wallet can hold Ethereum based tokens ZRX, GNT, SNGLS, CFI, etc.
There are hundreds of Ethereum based tokens and lots of NEO tokens, so it would depend on which ones you want to send to a wallet.
The more in-depth answer is below: Wallets are a tricky subject, and I plan to have a nice overview article soon that talks about the differences.
Each coin resides on a blockchain and can only be used with wallets that are compatible with that blockchain.
Think of it like an Apple computer and a Windows visit web page />A program you download for an Apple computer cannot be installed on a Windows computer and vice versa.
However, each type of computer can have hundreds of programs.
Ethereum is one blockchain and has hundreds of coins.
NEO is another blockchain and has hundreds of coins as well.
The Ethereum coins are not compatible with the NEO blockchain, and vice versa.
Wallets are specific to their blockchain.
As an example, if you wanted to send BTC and ETH to your Exodus wallet, you would still need to complete 2 separate transactions to 2 separate wallet addresses.
It just gives the added convenience of opening 1 program to look at both wallets.
Please note though that exchanges typically only support the specific coin they reference for an address.
As an example, Coinbase gives you an ETH wallet, but they will not support anything other than ETH sent to the address.
You could technically send another Ethereum token to this wallet since it is an Ethereum wallet, but they will not support it and you will likely never get your tokens back.
Let me know if that makes sense or if you have any other questions.
Trx check this out an Ethereum based token, so it can be stored in your MyEtherWallet wallet.
Thanks for this post.
This is considered safer because an exchange could potentially shut down at any time.
Is there a wallet we need to keep the token in?
Also I use the website Einstein Exchange.
Have you heard of that website?
Any thoughts on it?
It accept to buy crypto from credit card and also withdraw to your bank account.
People stored their BTC on Mt.
Gox and then they shut down out of the blue, claiming 850,000 BTC were missing and likely stolen.
Although not as common anymore, an exchange could also be shut down by a government at any point in time.
If you have funds on the exchange, they will likely get frozen or potentially lost forever.
You have no control over those situations and are at the mercy of the exchange.
The only way you would lose access to it is if you lose the private key and password.
This puts a greater liability on yourself because there have been stories of a persons computer crashing and then their private key is gone forever.
I have not heard of Einstein Exchange before, but they do seem to be a newer exchange.
I would just be very careful and keep a close eye on Reddit or their social media for anything fishy.
BitStamp and Coinbase also allow for purchases from credit cards at least Coinbase does and withdraws to your bank account.
They have been around for a long time and have a solid reputation.
Personally, I would consider those first if they are options for you.
If you are wanting to cash out of QSP let me know and I can provide more guidance on that.
Although both have an Ethereum wallet, their front ends are only built to handle ETH and no other tokens.
If you create your own private Ethereum wallet you would be able to store Tron, ETH, and other Ethereum based tokens in it with no issues.
Let me know if you have any other questions.
This guide goes over creating one:.
The biggest difference between a private wallet and a wallet on an exchange is that you actually hold the private key of the wallet.
The private key is what allows you to transact with the wallet and have full control over it.
I never send ethereum from binance to other providers and heard that we should be really careful with the wallet adresses otherwise its possible to loose the amount.
Note that I was unable to obtain an address for YoBit, so their system might be experiencing a lot of traffic right now.
Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.
Please try again in 2 minutes.
Or just prefer to keep it on Coinbase?
Otherwise it will be stuck on Binance until they lower the minimum, or you could send more ETH to Binance to make it over 0.
I have XRP, TRX and XLM on Binance.
Came in through Coinbase to Gdax to Binance.
What is the best way to withdraw?
Is there a wallet app available that will take them all?
What do you suggest is the best way to manage them?
If you are wanting to cash out, you will need to sell them on Binance for BTC or ETH.
These can be kind of pricey, but they are very secure and that alone pays for itself.
I had a wallet get compromised and wish I would have had the hardware wallet.
You can find a link on my sidebar to the Nano S!
It really depends on what you are most comfortable with.
Binance is the 1 exchange by volume, so they are reliable and pretty secure.
The hardware wallet will be the most secure out of all though because you are in full control of it.
Do you mind me asking which exchange you find best for vast array of coins available?
They also have a decent amount of volume, which is a good sign.
Bittrex and Poloniex have a good selection too, but they have been slow to add new ones recently.
Could you help me with that.
If you are trying to withdraw less than 0.
Unfortunately, the only way to withdraw for now will be to withdraw 0.
Sorry to question again.
Any particular reason it does not let me go through.
If your ETH balance is less than 500 that message will pop up.
Just to confirm, are you trying to withdraw ETH or another cryptocurrency?
Well I am trying to withdraw ETH and transfer to my Coinbase ETH Wallet.
Sure by now you know I am a beginner.
Thanks for being so patient-full with me.
Are you wanting to move it to sell for cash?
Or just prefer to keep it on Coinbase?
I was also annoyed by the high fees, but XRP is currently being charged 0.
Only downside is there is a minimum withdrawal of 22 XRP.
Either way, good for people to know if they are looking to move things around rather than withdrawal to fiat.
That is good to know.
I could see converting to XRP and then using BitStamp to cash out.
Can I move it or should I get a wallet?
Wallets have their benefits because you are in full control of the funds, whereas an exchange could get hacked or shut down at a moments notice.
Tron is an Ethereum based token, so you could setup a wallet through MyEtherWallet.
Here is a guide for that: If you wanted to send the TRX to Coinbase to convert to cash, you would need to sell it deposit and withdrawal binance Binance for BTC or ETH, and then you could move the BTC or ETH to Coinbase.
Thank you so much for answering my question.
There are so many moves in this economy moves to buy moves to sell moves the store… We need crypto brokers just to handle all of this!
Networks have been much slower lately due to the increase in traffic, but I would think it should at least be pending in Coinbase within a few hours.
It is highly recommended to seek a professional accountant for this subject.
This is a hot topic and the general consensus from what I have read is that tax events are triggered on crypto crypto and fiat crypto.
Either way though, the tax events are treated as capital gains, so you have short term and long term gains.
I highly recommend using a platform that helps with tracking these.
My personal favorite is CoinTracking.
I would give it a few hours and then check back.
It used to be minutes to receive things.
you miles and bonus partners apologise will work itself out in time though!
Great info all around!
I just sent ETH coins to Binance today to buy some XRP, TRX, and XLM.
My question is, can I withdraw XRP directly to my BTC or ETH address on GDAX even tho they are different coins?
Or do I have to convert ripple to say ETH on Binance first before I can send it there?
You would need to convert the XRP to one of the Coinbase supported coins ETH, BTC, LTC, or BCH.
The same would apply for TRX and XLM.
If you create your own private Ethereum wallet you would be able to send Ethereum based coins to it, not just ETH.
I sent it to my etherium coinbase wallet address using two different addresses.
I just copied and pasted the coinbase address in to the binance address so i could get it back to my coinbase account.
I am scared that I did something terribly wrong and lost my money.
The Deposit and withdrawal binance are definitely in that address, but their system is not setup to display and handle them on the customer side.
The safest bet is to use a personal wallet for Ethereum tokens because you will control the private key and can use a service like MyEtherWallet to send and receive all of the different Ethereum tokens.
Let me know if you decide to go that route and I would be glad to help out.
I have a coinbase account.
Recently sent some BTC to binance and invested in TRX and XRP.
Not sure if there are less fees with one of those options.
ETH will typically have faster transactions and cheaper fees, so that is what I would recommend.
Just note the recent increase in the price of ETH makes it an expensive withdraw fee from Binance I think 0.
The real money saver is using GDAX to sell to cash: Hope that helps!
I have a question.
I started off with LTC on Coinbase and joined Binance for more options to buy into.
I currently have some good amounts of XRP and TRX.
Now, for me to sell some of the TRX or XRP, do I need to SELL back to LTC or even BTC before I can send back to Coinbase to withdraw to my bank account?
Yep, you nailed it.
I would recommend sending back to GDAX though and selling through them.
This guide goes over avoiding the Coinbase fees: As a side note, there is an exchange that allows you to convert XRP to USD.
The exchange is BitStamp, but I have not personally used them yet.
I will be doing guides on XRP and BitStamp this weekend though, so more to come on that!
GDAX is basically reading everything from Free cars and, they just have a different interface.
Exactly, you can send to either one and will be good to go.
If a person pays with credit card to purchase bitcoin on coinbase and transfers it to Binance, how do you get the money out on a withdrawal, where does that withdrawal go, and more importantly, how do you change that to actual USD?
In the situation mentioned, you would need to withdraw a cryptocurrency back to Coinbase BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH.
Then you will be able to sell that back to USD and withdraw it to your bank account.
Check out this article to get an overview of converting from cryptocurrency to USD: Also, to avoid fees on Coinbase, I would use GDAX.
GDAX is run by the same company, so you will actually have an account there already.
Here is a guide on avoiding the Coinbase fees: Hope those help and let me know if you have any questions.
This also applies if the original purchase was made with a credit card?
Is the original credit card payment option considered fiat too?
You will need to link a bank account to get cash out.
They do have a USD wallet, so you could still sell while waiting for your bank account to be connected and keep the cash there.
Then you just withdraw from your USD wallet to your bank account once its linked.
Yeah, the credit card purchase would be considered paying fiat for a cryptocurrency.
Haha, that would not be good at all.
I have tried multiple times to take a picture of myself.
Is there any way to contact them?
They tend to be very picky.
If I want to sell all five and withdraw to Coinbase i bought from, what about the value of the BTC then.
Your profit would be 0.
Let me know if that makes sense!
I have read many reviews about exchanges all have many negative rather than positive.
I guess this is human nature, to complain when things go wrong, yet not to comment when things go well.
Many reviews tell how it is difficult to remove their coins from the exchanges, often not having enough coins in their accounts to meet minimum transaction fees.
Does Binance have any minimum withdrawal limits?
If you think Binance is not very good for a novice like myself can you reccomend another exchange i should use that has a lot of alt coin options.
Ps I am in England UK and find it difficult to convert my BTC to actual fiat cash because of UK regulation and having to use SIPA transfer.
So i have ordered a Cryptopay.
Do you have any experience of the Cryptopay.
I agree that people tend to leave negative reviews much more often than positive reviews.
That is a valid issue with Binance because the withdrawal fees are somewhat steep.
There is no minimum withdrawal limit as long as you have enough to pay the withdrawal fee.
Other than those 2 issues, Binance is a very good exchange.
The only other exchange I would have recommended is Bittrex, but I think they recently suspended new account openings.
Might still be worth checking out though.
An up and coming exchange is KuCoin.
They have been extremely fast at adding new alt coins.
Here is an so you can get an idea of them.
No experience with Cryptopay, but I would be very interested to hear about your experience with it when you get it.
That is a hot topic in this market, so I have been following a few of the projects TenX, TokenCard, etc.
You have been extremely helpful for newcomers like myself.
I do have a question that hopefully you can help me with.
When looking at BINANCE and going to my account under History ….
Is there somewhere where it tells me what I paid for it or is there a conversion formula we have to use to figure out by using their price?
Also do you have a twitter account people can follow you on?
Binance does not offer a view of how much an order is worth in USD terms.
However, there are some tracking applications that will do more slots for enchanting skyrim for you.
My personal favorite being CoinTracking review here:.
The free version is limited to 200 trades, so if you are a light trader this account will be fine.
Yep, Twitter account is.
It mainly has bounty Tweets now, but I am transitioning away into more helpful information.
Hope this info helped and let me know if you have any other questions!
Cryptopia is the only exchange I have seen with LTC as a base pair, so that will have the most choices.
I have not used Cryptopia before, so I would check out a couple of reviews first.
There are some other exchanges like Poloniex that let you trade LTC for XMR, but that only gives you 1 additional choice.
I bought some TRX on Binance this morning and plan on sending it to MEW, but the transaction fee to be charged is like 100.
That almost half the TRX I own….
Am i missing something or is this normal?!
If that is the case, I will have to buy more TRX just to make it worthwhile sending it to MEW.
Thanks for confirming it for me.
I will keep it on the exchange for a short while until I can buy morethen move it.
Are the fees shown in dollar amount or percentage of the transaction value or number of coins charged?
In the example of Tron, 100 TRX are charged as a withdraw fee.
They typically adjust them when prices rise a lot.
Saying wrong code or tag.
Is this a problem happening on binance?
Looks like quite a few people are having issues with 2 step auth.
Coinbase does not accept NEO though, so you would need to convert it to one of the coins Coinbase accepts BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC.
In-depth guide on depositing into Coinbase more slots for enchanting skyrim be found here: Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.
BitStamp is a top 10 exchange based on volume, so they are quite popular and have a lot of liquidity.
This question is basic but where do I find the address for these two tokens in MyEtherWallet to put into Binance.
I apparently mistakenly sent some BNB to the Owners address for BNB and they are GONE.
You are able to send the tokens to the same address, as long as they are on the Ethereum blockchain, which CND and BNB are.
As an example, check out this random address I found:.
All of the tokens are allocated to this 1 address.
I think of it like a physical wallet that can hold gift cards.
A gift card is specific to a company, but you can keep lots of them in the same wallet.
Feel free to reply with the cryptocurrency name and I can find out for you if needed Let me know if that helps!
But keep on binance and reinvest.
Do I have to withdraw from my binance to my coinbase wallet then send the Bitcoin back to binance?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Check out this guide on to trade them for BTC.
Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.
Thanks, Chris BTC: 1EfzzQ3N7gmPRWrWr68rQ63UpccLuVKYdW NEO: AQDYFTrPmunx2qn5wrUAuyddwjdRKeYmzc ETH: 0x7D40c7aDE1D5514d22f0d244868FF478EeF9f5b8 BCC: 13zJ31b7FFiZ7c3Jfb1LutrMCnbUUqwTfe Subscribe For New Tutorials on Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies!
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I'm looking for some help here. I purchased some Iota and its been sitting on Binance for awhile now while the withdrawal option says "Suspend". I've seen this in other forums but I can't seem to figure out what is taking so long to get this option working again. Binance claims this is from Iota's end.
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